Zoom Vcorrect (Two-Stage Paint Correction) | Medium SUV
Zoom Vcorrect (Two-Stage Paint Correction) | Medium SUV
Zoom Vcorrect (Two-Stage Paint Correction) | Medium SUV

Vcorrect (Two-Stage Paint Correction) | Medium SUV

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Achieving the highest shine possible by removing oxidation, swirls, minor scratches & imperfections. 

  • Vcare Foam Wash & Vac
  • Vcare Signature Decontamination ( iron removal and finished off with clay bar)
  • TWO-STAGE paint correction - remove 60% -80% of light scratches and swirl marks while presenting a deeper, glossy finish under normal viewing conditions
  • Paint enhancement with Hydrophobic & SiO2 coating, which delivers EXTREME water beading & chemical resistant protection
  • Swirl Free Guarantee

* Price varies to oxidized paint or extreme paint condition

Sydney Paint Correction Experts

Our Sydney Paint Correction service aims to remove 60% to 80% of the swirl, scratches and imperfections from your vehicle's paint. The most successful paint correction uses a technique called cutting and polishing. This is a 2 step paint correction to get the most gloss and clarity from your car paint.

The goal of our paint correction service is to get your paint to its best condition possible. If your paint is suffering from deep scratches, it may not to be possible to remove 100% of the imperfections, however we do guarantee to get your paint looking better than when it arrived.

Did you know that new car paint correction is important. New cars go through a lot while they're sitting in the car yard, being processed, transported, washed and handled by many people. Once you've taken possession of your new car, our new vehicle paint correction will bring your paint surface it its absolute finest.

The 2 step paint correction as with any car detailing services is a worthwhile investment in your vehicle. Talk to our staff about how best to keep the premium shine and protection on your paint. Using the wrong set of tools and products when washing and drying, your vehicle can quickly damage your paint again, but our staff are always here to help.

The Vcorrect Paint Correction Process

1. Wheel, Tyre & Fender Cleaning

We begin your car detailing and paint correction service with a thorough cleaning of the wheel faces, wheel barrels & tyres.

2. Hand Car Wash

We apply a thick layer of foam to strip off old waxes and existing protection with our manual car wash including jambs, fuel cap and bug removal.

3. Remove Iron Particles

We use chemical decontamination to remove iron particles from your paint.

4. Clay Bar Treatment

To ensure that we are working with a clean surface we clay the paint to remove any embedded dirt and debris to create a clean, smooth surface.

5. Tape off Areas

We tape off the trim, chrome and sensitive areas to ensure those areas are safe and protected during your paint correction service.

6. Compound

This is the most intensive stage of the vehicle paint correction process. We use a professional grade compound and a cutting disc to remove the majority of the swirls and scratches from your paint.

7. Polishing 

This is the second step of the cutting and polishing process, to bring back the shine and clarity to your car's paint surface.

8. Wipe Down

We wipe down the paint to remove any excess polish and ensure that there is no residue or dust left behind.

9. Apply Protection

We provide paint enhancement with Hydrophobic and SiO2 coating, This part of the process delivers EXTREME water beading & chemical resistant protection to your vehicle's paint. 

10. Dress Tyres, and Trim 

It's the small details that matter, so of course we dress the tyres, trim and exterior to complete the finish.

11. Cleaning Exterior Windows 

Finally, we hand clean all exterior windows leaving a streak free finish for the complete exterior car detailing service.

Sydney Car Paint Correction

Dulwich Hill Car Wash &
Paint Correction

Dulwich Hill's premium hand car wash.

We take pride in being the best car wash in Dulwich Hill. We train our staff in industry best practice, and use the best Meguiar's products to ensure that we achieve the best possible finish for your car.

We choose to use Meguiar’s cleaning products because we want the best for your vehicle. Unlike other Sydney car wash services who use cheap cleaning products, we're renowned for our service and our quality.

When it comes to our paint correction service, our processes are second to none to help remove scuffs and scratches from your paint, to obtain the best possible finish.

An Investment In Your Vehicle

Swirl Free Paint Correction Guarantee

Sydney's best vehicle detailing & cleaning

Trusted for our attention to detail and focus on quality, whether it's our 100% hand car wash, our steam cleaning, or expert paint correction we care about each and every vehicle.

Our services are an investment in your vehicle. By maintainting your vehicle regularly, not only will it look better, but you'll help maintain its best condition for further resale value.

Book online today and trust the experts in car detailing services.