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100% Hand Car Wash

Vcare Car Wash Sydney’s best car wash.
Trusted for our attention to detail and focus on quality.

Have your car washed by a team who cares. We use only the best pH neutral car shampoo, ensuring a safe car wash for ceramic coatings and for paint protection.

Book your pre-sale car wash and pre-sale car polish with our professional car wash team today.

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The Dulwich Hill Car Wash Everyone Trusts

We trust Meguiar's for the perfect clean.

Vcare Car Wash uses Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax. Whether it's for a pre-sale car wax or regular car detailing Vcare car wash only uses the best products. We guarantee the perfect car detailing and car wash results every time.

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Consistently better

Professional Car Wash

We provide all of our staff with an intensive training program to ensure Vcare delivers a top-quality car wash to our clients every time.

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The Sydney Car Wash That Cares About Your Car

Interior and Exterior Car Detailing

Dulwich Hill's car wash & detailing experts. We're Sydney's leaders in auto cleaning with a full range of vehicle services.

  • Inside Car Cleaning
  • Pre-Sale Car Cleaning
  • Car Sanitise
  • Car Carpet Shampoo
  • Car Interior Shampoo
  • Car Interior Steam Cleaning
  • Car Seat Cleaning
  • Car Leather Cleaning
  • Car Upholstery Cleaning

    • We offer the attention to detail that your car deserves.

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Our Service

Professional Car Wash and Car Detailing

Vcare Car wash, Sydney’s best 100% hand wash service. We care about every car we clean. With our expert training and dedicated staff, we deliver the best possible finish to every car.

We have tried and tested many brands of car care products on the market, and we choose to work with only the best, which is why we use Meguiar’s.

Sure, like other car washes we could save money using cheap products that are ok, but we want the best! In our experience, Meguiar’s products deliver better results than any other brand when it comes to rejuvenating and maintaining your vehicle’s appearance.

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Over 20 years experience in the car wash industry

100% Hand Washing

by pH Neutral Shampoo, safe for glossy coating


We only use the best products on your vehicle


Training program provided to all our staff to ensure high quality

Premium Car Wash

Most Popular Car Wash & Detailing Services

Vcare car wash is a premium sydney car wash providing top quality hand car wash and car detailing services.

Vcare Foam Wash & Vac

If your car hasn’t been washed for a long period of time and needs extra attention without spending too much.

The safest way to remove excessive dirt, road grime & bugs.

  • Foam Wash Pre-Rinse (Softens excessive dirt & road grime to reduce the risk of scratching the paint)
  • PH Neutral Foam Wash ( Safe For Ceramic Coating )
  • Non-Acidic Wheel Clean
  • Exterior Windows & Body Dried & Checked
  • Non-Greasy Tyre Shine Applied
  • Vacuum Interior ( Mats Seats & Boot )
  • Interior Window Cleaned
  • Dashboard Door & Boot Jambs Wiped
  • Bug Removal
  • More Extensive Vacuum On Carpet & Mats using powerful tools
Online Bonus:

"California scents" air freshener (lasts 60 days)

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Vcare Wash & Sanitise

Our signature car cleaning package is designed especially for Tradie’s Battled family cars & 4 Paws Vehicles. We use High-Pressure hot steam to sterilize and disinfect the interior of your car from harmful bacteria and allergens.

  • PH Neutral Foam Wash ( Safe For Ceramic Coating) with non-acidic wheel wash
  • Exterior Windows & Body Dried & Checked
  • Non-Greasy Tyre Shine Applied
  • Intensive inside wipe down and vacuum, excessive animal hair and sand removal
  • Dressings applied to bring back definition to fading interior trim and plastic
  • Interior Windows Cleaned
  • Dashboard, Door & Boot Jambs Wiped

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Vsteam Fast Dry Interior Detailing

Removes germs, dirt, grime, odours and stains by using high-pressure steam

  • Vcare Wash
  • Sterilizes the interior with steam to eliminate unwanted germs & bacteria
  • Shampoo & extraction of carpet floor mats and seats
  • Leather seats are deep cleaned and protected with Vitamin E Cream moisturizing protectants
  • Deep clean & protect of all interior panels (Dash | Console | Door panels | Cupholders)
  • Disinfectant fumigation using a TGA (The Therapeutic Goods Administration) listed chemical

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Vcorrect (Two-Stage Paint Correction)

Suitable for cars that have not been maintained for up to 12 months

  • Vcare Wash
  • Vcare Signature Decontamination ( iron removal and finished off with clay bar)
  • TWO-STAGE paint correction removes 60% -80% of light scratches and swirl marks.
  • This presents a deeper, glossy finish under normal viewing conditions
  • Swirl Free Guarantee

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Wash & Sanitise

Car Cleaning

Professional Products

We use Meguiar's car cleaning products & professional sanitisation products for a truly outstanding finish. We don't cut corners on quality or results.

Attention To Detail

From our 100% Hand Wash to our vehicle interior detailing & disinfection services, we pride ourselves on perfection.

Car Deodorise & Sanitise

A clean car is a healthy car. We offer a range of car deodorising and car sanitisation services by professionally trained staff.

Wash & Sanitise

Interior Cleaning


Germs, Dirt, Grime, Odours, Stains from your interior.

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