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Standard Interior & Exterior Clean

  • PH Neutral Shampoo Car Wash ( Safe For Ceramic Coating )
  • Non-Acidic Wheel Clean
  • Exterior Windows & Body Dried & Checked
  • Non-Greasy Tyre Shine Applied
  • Vacuum Interior ( Mats Seats & Boot )
  • Interior Window Cleaned
  • Dashboard Door & Boot Jambs Wiped
Does Not Include:
  • Bug Removal
  • Excessive Dirt, Road Grime and/or Grass removal
  • Excessive Dog Hair and/or Sand removal
The Vcare Wash is suitable for customers who wash their car every 1 to 2 weeks. If you do not wash your car this frequently, you should consider our Vcare Wash & Vac or Vcare Wash & Sanitise car wash packages.


How often should I wash my car?

The Vcare Wash is suitable for customers who wash their car every 1 to 2 weeks.

If you do not wash your car this frequently, you should consider our Vcare Wash & Vac or Vcare Wash & Sanitise car wash packages.

What is pH Neutral shampoo / cleaner?

Vcare use only pH Neutral cleaners as they are the best option for cleaning your car.

pH Neutral car shampoo has a ‘neutral’ pH score of around 7, similar to that of water.

A pH that is lower than 7 is considered alkaline, whereas a pH higher than 7 is known as basic or acidic.

Do all car wash companies use pH Neutral shampoo?

No is the short answer. Many other car cleaning companies don't choose pH neutral shampoos and here's why:

1. It saves them money 

pH Neutral shampoo is 3-4 times more expensive than non- pH neutral cleaner

2. Saves them time

High Acidic or Alkaline cleaners can be effective however they can be very corrosive to your car.

Automatic Car washes will often use acidic car cleaners as they are fast and effective.

These types of cleaners can cause premature aging to paint and erode protective paint finishes.

What Brand Of Car Wash Products Do You Use?

As one of Sydney's best car wash company's we take extreme pride in using only the finest car care products in the industry.

Anyone who loves cars as much as we do, knows that Meguiar's car care products are industry leading for their results and their quality.

We don't cut corners on cleaning or on quality, which is why Meguiar's is our professional choice.

Do You Offer A Hand Car Wash Service?

Here at Vcare Car Wash in Dulwich Hill we take pride in offering a complete hand car wash service.

While automatic car washes may seem convenient, the result is never quite the same. Our team are professionally trained to care for your car at every step of the cleaning process to get the perfect wash and detail results.

We clean your car with the same care we would for our own.

Do I Have To Book For Sydney Car Washing Services At Dulwich Hill?

Many of our car washing and car cleaning services are available at our Dulwich Hill car wash location without a booking.

Please note that some of our more time consuming car care services require an appointment to be made.

We offer carpet shampooing, paint protection, car vacuuming, car interior detailing, deep cleaning, fumigation, leather protection and so much more.

Our basic wash, wash & wax and wash & sanitise do not require a booking, however we always recommend a booking to minimise any wait times.

Car Detailing

Dulwich Hill Car Wash

Vcare Car wash, offers Sydney’s best 100% hand wash service in Dulwich Hill. Our dedicated staff receive expert training so they can deliver the best possible finish to your car. We even offer online booking to make your car wash as hassle free as possible.

Having tried and tested many brands of car care products, we choose to work with only the best, which is why we use Meguiar’s products for a truly professional and high-quality finish.

We want the best for your vehicle which is why we never use cheap products. In our experience, Meguiar’s products deliver better results than any other brand when it comes to rejuvenating and maintaining your vehicle’s appearance.

Interior Detailing

Pre-Sale Car Wash and Detailing

Vcare Car Wash - Sydney’s best car wash.
Trusted for our attention to detail and focus on quality, our services are perfect for those looking to sell their vehicle to ensure the highest sale value.

Have your car washed by a team who cares. We use only the best pH neutral car shampoo, ensuring a safe car wash for ceramic coatings and for paint protection.

Book your pre-sale car wash and pre-sale car polish with our professional car wash team today.