Zoom Vcare Foam Wash & Sanitise | Sedan
Zoom Vcare Foam Wash & Sanitise | Sedan
Zoom Vcare Foam Wash & Sanitise | Sedan

Vcare Foam Wash & Sanitise | Sedan

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Our signature car cleaning package is designed especially for Utes, Battled Family Cars & 4 Paws Vehicles. We use High-Pressure hot steam to sterilize and disinfect your car's interior from harmful bacteria and allergens.

  • Foam Wash Pre-Rinse (Softens excessive dirt & road grime to reduce the risk of scratching the paint)
  • PH Neutral Foam Wash ( Safe For Ceramic Coating )
  • Non-Acidic Wheel Clean
  • Exterior Windows & Body Dried & Checked
  • Non-Greasy Tyre Shine Applied
  • Vacuum Interior ( Mats Seats & Boot )
  • Interior Window Cleaned
  • Dashboard Door & Boot Jambs Wiped
  • Bug Removal
  • More Extensive Vacuum On Carpet & Mats using powerful tools
  • Steam Clean All Cupholders, Dashboard & Console. Remove Light DebrisFfrom Plastic Surfaces
  • Doors Deep Cleaned
  • Excessive Animal Hair & Sand Removed 

If you are looking for deep interior cleaning such as carpet shampooing, seat cleaning & upholstery cleaning. Then we suggest the Vsteam fast dry interior detailing.


What is Vcare wash & sanitise.

Vcare wash & sanitise is a light car interior cleaning service that's affordable car cleaning for everyday car upkeep. This service includes light cleaning and a high pressure steam clean to give that matte finish while removing small stains that might be in your dash, doors panel & “hard to reach“ areas.

If you are looking for a deeper clean
then check out our Vcare fast dry interior treatment.

What is the difference between Vcare wash & sanitise and a Full Interior Cleaning? 

Vcare wash & sanitise is more of a maintenance cleaning. This car cleaning service includes a light steam cleaning on all door panels & dashboard with a deep vacuum to freshen your car interior.
In comparison, our Full Interior Cleaning services are a deep cleaning in which upholstery and carpet all get shampooed and cleaned.

What is pH Neutral shampoo / cleaner?

A car shampoo that is balanced or is ‘neutral’ has a pH score similar to that of water, with a pH value sitting around 7. A pH that is lower than 7 is considered alkaline, whereas a pH higher than 7 is known as basic or acidic.

Why do other car wash companies not use pH Neutral shampoo?

1. It saves them money 

pH Neutral shampoo is 3-4 times more expensive than non- pH neutral cleaner

2. Saves them time

High Acidic or Alkaline cleaners can be effective however Very high or alternatively very low pH cleaners can be very corrosive to your car.

Automatic Car washes will often use acidic car cleaners as they are fast and effective. However, they can cause premature aging to paintwork and may even etch your glass.

Cheap car cleaners will often contain harsh chemicals or fillers in their formula, which can erode the protective wax polish on your paintwork.

Why does Vcare car wash only use pH Neutral shampoo?

Because we care!

This the safest and most gentle way to clean your car.

What Brand Of Car Wash Products Do You Use?

As one of Sydney's best car wash company's we take extreme pride in using only the finest car care products in the industry.

Anyone who loves cars as much as we do, knows that Meguiar's car care products are industry leading for their results and their quality.

We don't cut corners on cleaning or on quality, which is why Meguiar's is our professional choice.

Dulwich Hill Car Detailing & Cleaning

Affordable Car Cleaning

Vcare Dulwich Hill car wash is the area's premium car wash and car cleaning business.

We offer Sydney’s best 100% hand wash service with high attention to detail to every car. We offer a range of car wash, cleaning, car sanitisation and car paint correction services, with pricing to suit every budget.

We proudly use Meguiar’s car cleaning products to ensure the best quality cleaning and finish for every vehicle. After years of trying different products, we are confident Meguiar's offers the best results for your vehicle.

We're proudly an online booking car wash service, so you can book your car in conveniently and know we'll be ready to do our best for your car when you arrive.

Interior Detailing

Pre-Sale Car Wash and Detailing

Trusted for our attention to detail and focus on quality, if you're thinking of selling your vehicle, let us take care of the cleaning and detailing so that you can get the best price.

Have your car washed by a team who cares about your car as much as you do. We use only the best pH neutral car shampoo, ensuring a safe car wash for ceramic coatings and for paint protection.

If you're looking for a car detailing service before selling your car, Book your pre-sale car wash and pre-sale car polish with our professional car wash team today.