Zoom Vsteam Fast Dry Interior Detailing | Large SUV / Van
Zoom Vsteam Fast Dry Interior Detailing | Large SUV / Van
Zoom Vsteam Fast Dry Interior Detailing | Large SUV / Van
Zoom Vsteam Fast Dry Interior Detailing | Large SUV / Van
Zoom Vsteam Fast Dry Interior Detailing | Large SUV / Van
Zoom Vsteam Fast Dry Interior Detailing | Large SUV / Van

Vsteam Fast Dry Interior Detailing | Large SUV / Van

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Removes Germs, Dirt, Grime, and Stains by using high-pressure steam & extraction 

The fast dry solution allows the customer to sit in a Fresh & Dry car immediately * 

  • Vcare Foam Wash & Vac
  • Sterilises the interior with steam to eliminate unwanted germs & bacteria
  • Shampoo & extraction of carpet floor mats and seats
  • Leather seats are deep cleaned and protected with Vitamin E Cream moisturising protectants
  • Deep clean & protect all interior panels ( Dash | Console | Door panels | Cupholders )
  • Disinfectant fumigation using a TGA ( The Therapeutic Goods Administration) listed chemical
  • General roof lining wipe clean ( surcharge may apply if serious cleaning required

* Standard process time is 240 mins. The complete drying process requires up to an extra 2-3 hours 

* Vsteam Fast Dry interior treatment does not include Mould, Water damage & Odor removal (i.e. smoke, pet urine, etc.). We can provide a quote for this on inspection.

    Sydney's Best Car Steam Cleaning

    Here at Vcare Car Wash, thanks to our superior staff training and experience, we are proudly recognised as Sydney's best car steam cleaning and interior detailing service.

    Steam is the most effective way to clean car interiors, allowing our detailers to draw dirt from deep within vehicle seats and surfaces for the ultimate deep clean. Steam cleaning a car interior also offers the added benefit of sterilisation. Whether it's pet messes or just the mess of a busy and active life, we get rid of a wide range of dirt and stains by using the power of steam.

    What is the Car Upholstery Cleaning Process?

    Our staff begin by checking your car for the level of dirt and staining, so they know the appropriate cleaning application to use.

    Some car detailers use excessive amounts of water when cleaning car seats, especially when there is heavy dirt and staining. This can be problematic due to excessive wetness and long drying times. Using too much water can also cause the deeper stains to wick to the surface rather than removing them.

    Our staff are highly experienced and receive expert training to ensure we prevent this from happening.
    We use our quality cleaning solution to clean the seat, clean with a brush and then use an extraction unit to take as much water out of the seats as possible. By using the best car cleaning products and techniques, we ensure your car dries as quickly as possible.


    How long do my car seats and carpet take to dry after they have been cleaned?

    The drying time after car steam cleaning and upholstery steam cleaning can depend on the weather. Car seats, carpet and upholstery dry faster on hot sunny days. Our cleaning system ensures that the cleaning tools and products we use leave your car around 80% dry when we are done with the process.

    Will my car smell like car cleaning chemicals when a car interior clean is complete?

    There will be no chemical smells in your car after your interior car clean is complete. Our cleaning products are safe for car interior use, and thanks to our extensive cleaning experience we use the appropriate products for each area of your car, along with moisture extraction on seats and upholstery to ensure that any excess is removed.

    Does this take out the Odor of vehicles?

    Odour removal cannot be guaranteed, however at the end of every service we do add an Odour Neutralizer to help eliminate any odours. Due to the difficult nature of some odours, we don't guarantee odour removal for tough smells, however a normal car will have a fresher smell after detailing.

    Odours like smoke, pet urine & water damage require extra efforts , specialist chemicals & time to resolve or eliminate the problem. Please contact our friendly staff for more information.

    Does Car Detailing Remove All Car Stains?

    Time is a factor in the ability to remove stains. Recent stains are obviously easier to remove than stains and marks that are several months or years old. We use our expertise and work to the best of our cleaning abilities to get most of stains out of your car's fabric but this cannot always be guaranteed. We do however guarantee that we will try our best to make it look better than it did before.

    How long does the Full Car Interior Cleaning take?

    Depending on the size and condition of the vehicle it will take about 3 to 4 hours to complete. Allow an extra 2-4 hours so we can use our portable blower to dry the seats for you as well. This will ensure your car seats are able to be sat on immediately.

    Professional Car Cleaning

    Dulwich Hill Car Wash

    As the experts in car washing and car detailing in Dulwich Hill, we're your trusted car cleaning experts.

    As Sydney’s best 100% hand wash service, the difference is in the detail. Our dedicated staff receive expert training so they deliver the best possible cleaning and detailing finish on each and every car. With online booking, getting your car washed or detailed in Dulwich Hill has never been easier.

    Our car cleaning product of choice is Meguiar's. After trying many different brands and products on the market, we know the difference a quality car cleaning product makes, and use only the best.

    Sydney's Best Car Wash & Detailing Service

    Complete Car Interior Cleaning

    100% Hand Car Wash

    Trusted for our attention to detail and focus on quality. Our car detailing experience is second to none.

    Have your car washed and detailed by a team who cares. We use only the best pH neutral car shampoo, with absolute attention to detail with our interior steam cleaning service.

    Our Vsteam Fast Dry Interior Detailing service includes a full external foam wash and vac so your car looks amazing inside and out.